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I made these fries with a variety of things in my cupboard: granulated garlic, basil, Caribbean jerk seasoning, some minced garlic, and maple syrup. I order not to add salt to my food, but feel free to add some for an extra burst of flavor! I baked these in the oven for 15 min., flipped them and let them bake another 15 min. I also tossed 1/4 cup water in the bottom of the oven after flipping them (the steam helps the potatoes get crispy). Enjoy! 😋

Made brownies. Topped with cacao nibs, sea salt flakes & dried Mulberries.
Raw, organic & gluten-free!
Find them at @holygreens 
#rawfood #brownies

Avocado on pita bread with tahini and homemade chilli infused oil. Taste buds are 💃💃

Mum’s meatballs ~vegan, gluten free~ / Recipe

jackfruit ‘tuna’ melt sandwich / recipe

“Sweet rice balls & veggie tempura rolls”

Sundays are for stackin’ 💕 cinnamon maca buckwheat banana pancakes (@organicburst I’m looking at you! plus @almondbreezeaus goodness) topped with @coyo_is_coconuts and OH MY FIGNESS it’s a fig 😍 and 🍌 of course and crunchy @jtscoconutessence chippies, plus thanks to @goodnessmebox ginger syrup which is off the charts yummy 👌 simple but so effective. I did this as an attempt to cheer myself up about my birthday this week. Usually I love everything birthdays, but in the past few years I’ve spent them with just my family, after being without many friends (that’s another story) but this is my first year living far away from home and them and plans with friends are failing a bit, so I feel a birthday alone coming on… But I’m determined to stay as positive as possible ❤️I know it’s such a petty thing to be sad about, and I am so fortunate to be as blessed as I am! And your support reminds me that I may feel lonely but I’m not alone, and for that I am thankful to you 💖

Salt and Pepper Zucchini Chips

Vegan cookie ice cream sandwich (x)